Welcome to the site of [sNs], short for Soldiers Never Sleep.

We were founded in 2011 with idea of enjoying gaming as a community. We’re a group of gamers with a focus on being a welcoming, friendly community that extends beyond gaming.

sNs encourages squad-based team play in games such as CoD & BF series. We are not limited to just FPS as we play all sorts of games in sNs. Most of us play on PS & PC, though w/ cross play being more popular platforms aren’t as important as the games.

Our community understands the importance of real life and family, and we will never force you to attend events. We are a 21+ clan.

What we have to offer:

Our own website and Discord server

Internal clan events

Active and involved staff

Members online daily

Who would benefit from being in sNs ?

You’re looking for a fun and active community

You’re running 3 jobs and have 4 kids, so you just want a place to relax

You don’t like ultra competetive clans who will kick you for your stats

You don’t like discriminating anyone for ingame our real-life reasons

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